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1-to-1 bespoke trainer training to meet the needs of individuals

1-to-1 Train the Trainer

A trainer training course for individuals who are new to the world of training and facilitation


Our one-to-one Train the Trainer course has been created due to popular demand to meet the needs of individual trainers.

Developed from our highly successful Train the Trainer Express programme, 1-to-1 Train the Trainer is an intensive course delivered to you over a single day; exploring areas such as learning styles, training resources, delivery styles, evaluation and assessment. It consists of five trainer-led sessions.

As most people will tell you, entering the world of training for the first time can be a daunting and nerve-racking experience, and this course aims to make that experience as easy as possible, introducing you to the basics and helping you to quickly become effective and confident.


At the end of the course you will be able to:

   - Recognise the different learning styles and adapt your training accordingly

   - Plan and design training to ensure learning objectives are met

   - Effectively run a training session from start to finish


The sessions are as follows:

Unit 1 How We Learn
This unit looks closely at the four stages of learning and how the learning styles of your delegates will help to structure the way you deliver your training sessions

Unit 2 Starting a Training Session
 This unit explores everything that needs to be done behind the scenes prior to delivering a training session. It also looks at how to start a training session, the causes of potential barriers and techniques for overcoming these barriers

Unit 3 Delivering Training
Unit 3 looks at the importance of training aids, using open questions to increase communication and identify knowledge, delivery types, feedback techniques and assessment

Unit 4 Ending a Training Session
This unit looks at techniques to bring your training session to a successful conclusion, as well as the importance of evaluation/feedback from the delegates and your own self-evaluation of the training delivered

Unit 5 Planning and Designing
Unit 5 incorporates everything that has been learned in the previous units to explore ways to plan a successful training session. It looks at aims and objectives/learning outcomes, and considerations for developing a training plan

Duration: 1 day

Certification: GBT Certificate of Attendance

Location: Delivered at your premises (delivery facilities can be provided at an additional cost)

Cost: from £250 for 1-to-1 delivery 

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